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Warsaw / 4 Sie, 2014


from the top: 1/& 10/ & 19/ I feel like shaking tambourine thanks to my Claire’s earrings & River Island headband & 6KS top! 2/ & 9/ & 13/ & 22/ Welcome to Pink Flamingo Restaurat where Elvis is still alive ;D It’s time to dance twist in Sheinside dress & By Dziubeka earrings!
3/ Now you can see my true colours 😉 4/ Fenomenalna is the most colorful cafe I’ve ever been too!
5/ &14/ Orange is the new black 😉 Wearing SIX earrings; 6/ Can you feel the love tonight? ;D
7/ Warsaw full of sunshine 8/ Chilling in Banais top & Expose Akcesoria headpiece & 6KS shorts & Sarenza shoes; 11/ &17/ Better latte than never in Wafflove 😉
12/ Warsaw most famous castle – at night it gets even prettier! 15/ Look at this adorable portrait – “the end of the gray is near” :) 16/ I get super smiley when I wear Expose Akcesoria heapiece & By Dziubeka bracelet; 18/ Today we’re serving a gold fish for dinner! 20/ University’s library hides a lot of secrets 😉 21/ Happy meal time!

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  1. Lally

    Oh all your outfits are so gorgeous! Especially love the polka dots, so great! You blog is so brillaint and bright,a nice change!!! Lally XXX


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