Warsaw / 30 Dec, 2016

New Year’s Eve isn’t only an occasion to have some good fun, but also for some summing up. It’s also the only evening of the year after which you can easily stay the whole day in bed. Check what else I love this evening for!


The end of the year is a good time for self-examination and summing up the last 12 months of your life – professional, private… I like to think about the fields in which I succeeded, and what I’d also like to work on. I also award myself for good job (I get myself a small present that motivates me to further efforts) and honestly answer the question: „What happened that I didn’t succeed in THIS particular field?”. And if I really care for this matter, I promise to myself that I’ll achieve it the NEXT year and I’ll surely achieve that and plan my actions thoroughly. If I spend New Year’s Eve with my friends, we recall the events of last year and laugh talking about the funniest ones. We watch photos, talk about our plans for the future (see #3). The end of the year is also a good time for reflections – many great people have left this world in 2016 – a designer, Sonia Rykiel, a writer, Umberto Eco, or an artist, David Bowie. We should appreciate our life and do everything to make a footprint on everything we do…



New Year’s Eve is one of these occasions when every woman can freely change into a princess and just focus on shining. Sequins, feathers, lace, sexy cuts and shiny jewelry – all moves allowed! 😉 There’s no such thing as OVERDOING it this evening. Everything is #MacademianStyle 😉 Elegant jewel necklaces can be combined with earrings, and intense eye make-up with red lips, a deep cleavage with mini lengths (or, quite on the contrary – with a long train). On New Year’s Eve you should feel like Scarlett Johansson on an Oscar gala. Forget little black dresses, see my outfit ideas (look for them in the FASHION section of my blog). Make this evening magical! Surprise your friends with an intense color, metallic shine, amazing make-up or heavenly heels (check HERE how not to die wearing them the whole night). I don’t know how it works for you, but on this night I really like to make my fashion dreams come true. I get inspired by movie and music stars. I sometimes change into an elegant lady from old Hollywood, sometimes into a queen of an 80’s party.


No wonder everyone associates that much hope with New Year’s Eve. Everyone needs that moment in time that symbolically finishes a certain stage of your life letting completely different matters in. I’m not used to making an endless list of New Year’s resolutions. I usually have a couple of goals that I’d like to achieve, before I’ll have to pick jewelry for the next New Year’s Eve outfit 😉 I sometimes create a so called mind map – I take a big piece of paper and write my essentials down on it, starting from the most important one. I try to make the area that concerns my fiends and family equally big as the one concerning work and self-development. Sometimes all I need are a feel bulletpoints noted down in a notebook. A single glance of an eye is enough to remind me everyday what to focus on 😉 Do you seek inspiration? Check my 5 Things That You Have To Do In The New Year article – it’s still valid 😉 On New Year’s Eve I’m always excited about the new year and I wait for in impatiently 😉 When champagne bottles pop around me, I thank for my work and for You – my amazing Readers. I also think about the surprises that I can prepare for you.


I usually devote everything to hard work, so when New Year’s Eve comes, I can finally award myself for a whole year of great job. And what do I do then? What I do every year – I dance till the dawn 😉 I like to be with my friends, but, to be honest, when I hear the first tunes of my favorite song, the world around me ceases to exist – there’s only me and the music! 😉 I’m not very picky. I can dance jazz, Beyonce, and Cyndi Lauper and have fun 😉 This year I hope to hear the most popular songs of George Michael. My plan for New Year’s Eve: a shiny dress spinning to the rhythm of Wake me up, before you go-go by Wham! What else do I love this amazing night for? You can sleep in as much as you need! 😉 I openly admit that this is one of not that many nights when I let myself be lazy. I know that as soon as the 1st of January is over, I’ll get down to executing all my New Year’s Eve resolutions. After all, I’ll need to make use of the batteries that I charged on the New Year’s Eve dancefloor 😀



If I’ve had any misunderstandings with anyone, I try to solve them before New Year’s Eve. I’ve always known that one shouldn’t enter New Year’s with unfinished business 😉 I call my friends, whom I haven’t seen for a long time, with my Team and the whole family all the best. I also take a minute to think who disappointed me so that I could avoid them next year. If I know that I might have let someone down, I promise myself to be more cautious and tolerant next year. They say it’s also good to „even your businesses” before New Year’s Eve, so before you put on your great dress and go dancing, sent the e-mails that you’ve been planning to sent for a long long time, make sure there’s no work to be done, and even… clean up the house (see my tips HERE) 😉 You’ll be totally prepared for the New Year. I wish you a lot of happiness and a feeling that 2017 (regardless of your horoscope) brings only the good stuff! 😉

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  1. Ana.

    Obejrzałam kilka dni temu jeden z odcinków shopping queen z powodu wystąpienia w nim znajomej. Najbardziej rzuciło mi się w oczy to, jak Twoja dłoń ciągle ląduje na biednym Panie Szado. Czy tylko ja to widziałam? To jest miły gest nawet tak patrząc z boku- ale raz, góra dwa, a Twoja dłoń dotyka go przy każdym ujęciu, do przesady. Nie czytam Was, nie obserwuje nikogo, ale musiałam Cię jakoś znaleźć i napisać, źle się na to patrzy. Jednak jesteście oglądani przez wiele osób, to nie jest spotkanie w cztery oczy, gdzie nikomu do tego jakie między Wami są relacje.

    • Tamara Gonzalez Perea

      Ana, dzięki za wskazówkę 😀 Relacje między naszym jury są bardzo przyjacielskie, stąd takie odruchy 🙂 Program też był montowany i być może dlatego efekt jest taki, jaki jest. Postaram się zwrócić na to uwagę 🙂

  2. Ania.

    Ja też lubię noworoczne postanowienia. Uważam, że to wspaniały czas, aby prześledzić swój rok i postanowić kilka poprawek, które na dłuższą metę uczynią nas szczęśliwszymi. Taki mały rachunek sumienia jest wskazany, aby być bardziej efektywnym.

    Wszystkiego dobrego w Nowym Roku <3 :*

  3. Marta

    Droga Tamaro! Właśnie zdałam sobie sprawę, że odpoczywając po zeszłorocznym sylwestrze, pierwszy raz weszłam na Twojego bloga 😍 Dziękuję Ci za artykuł o postanowieniach noworocznych! Uwielbiam Twoje porady, zwłaszcza te o naturalnych kosmetykach. Trzymam za Ciebie kciuki, powodzenia!

  4. A_deyna

    To trzeci artykuł,który na twoim blogu przeczytałam i wszystkie mi się podobały.Twój blog jest ciekawy i piszesz o fajnych stylizacjach.

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