Warsaw / 10 Feb, 2017

Let me clarify one thing: white, red and emerald can totally be teamed, especially in retro looks, inspired by Piete Mondarian’s paintings and Marimekko like patterns. A perfect example? A patterned chemise and Pierre Cardin like accessories, enamel hoop earrings, these piece of art like shoes and a long necklace. This colorful collage turned out to be an amazing background for a make-up look that I went for during attending a cult Bourjois event in Paris. I decided to build this look on a lipstick in hottest color of the season – poppy seed red. It’s a magical shade that suits all kinds of complexions – whether you’re a delicate blonde (like Taylor Swift), a ginger head (Emma Stone style) or a brunette (just as I am) 🙂 This season, instead of mirror shine, a true #BourjoisGirl goes for a satin matt final touch. It corresponds perfectly with my highlighted complexion, which I have also touched by some bronzer. And the final touch? Strong mascara – it makes the look more expressive, and conceals any sign of tiredness 🙂 No wonder then that it is the favorite cosmetic of stylish Parisiennes! They are the ones who taught me to reach for nature inspired cosmetics (Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation contains vitamins C, E and B5) and always carry a delicate blush with you – it makes my skin vital and fresh in as little as 3 seconds 🙂 Check it yourself!


1. DRESS Whistles | 2. NECKLACE & BAG Parfois | 3. EARRINGS I am | 4. SHOES United Nude  


1. FOUNDATION Bourjois Healthy Mix2. CONCEALER Bourjois Healthy Mix
3. BLUSHER Bourjois 34 ROSE D’OR | 4. PRESSED POWDER Bourjois Healthy Balance nr 56
5. MASCARA Bourjois Volume Reveal (applied on lower eyelashes)
6. LIPSTICK Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet 20 Orange Red from the newest collection (in stock from March 2017) 🙂


1. DRESS bonprix | 2. BOOTS Missguided | 3. TIGHTS Falke | 4. BELT Vanzetti | 5. NECKLACE Vildi 
6. EARRINGS Muscari

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  1. Kate

    Your glamorous outfits and your style belong to Paris! In an ordinary and boring world that surrounds us you are a bright star, a bird of paradise. Always a pleasure to peruse your blog. 🙂

  2. Howard

    Tamara, I have been following your blog since 2013, and I have to say that you still do a great job on all of your looks. I wish I had enough life in me and enough time to save all of your pictures, but I will have to settle for the ones that I have had the pleasure of seeing over the years. I follow you on instagram, facebook, and snapchat. I don’t always get to look at what you’ve been posting every day, but when I do, I am reminded why I admire your sense of style and propensity for bold colors. I hope I can meet you some day.

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