Warsaw / 28 Feb, 2017

Everyone is talking about the Oscars 2017 looks. I’m not going to stay behind, after all, such a glamour party doesn’t happen everyday 😀 Which 5 looks I find most interesting, and which 5 girls could have done better? 😉 Let me know if you agree, and let me know in the comments below!


Viola Davis wearing Armani Prive

This color, this style… Despite the dress being rather minimalistic and modest, I’m totally cap-tivated by the whole look. It’s a life proof that you can look totally dashing not only in extra small sizes. The actress showed her body in a very skillful way, by exposing her shoulders. If the bottom of the dress was tighter, it wouldn’t look that great, but my favorite siren bottom totally does the job. Remember the red dress of a similar style, which I showed you on the blog? I’ll tell you a secret – it’s a perfect cut for the boyish H figure type 😉

Georgina Chapman wearing Marchesa

This look hasn’t been paid too much attention to by the media. It’s hard to find it in online magazines and rankings. And it’s a pity! Above all, I like the original choice of colors. On one hand it’s dark, but the closer to the face it gets, the more colors there are. The higher the better. The green ribbon perfectly corresponds with her hair color and makes her complexion bright. What surprises is Georgina’s bag, which doesn’t correspond with the motives on her dress. It remains in the same color scheme, creating an interesting yet brave mixture. Her unveiled shoulders accentuate her beautiful neck. Well done!

Daria Strokous wearing Zuhair Murad

That’s pure youth accentuated by beautiful spring color. Daria is a subtle blonde. This saturat-ed color suits her, makes her more expressive. It’s sugary and girly. I don’t know if she does it on purpose or not, but combined with the red carpet she achieved the most fashionable set of colors of the season 😉 A big bow with a belt draws attention to the middle section of her body and makes her look a bit shorter – such a dress looks best on a body type I person.

Leslie Mann wearing Zac Posen

The actress went for a fairy tale like dress in a shade so beautiful, that it’s almost impossible to be missed. She stood out from the golden-beige-nude crowd (these was this year’s stars‘ first choice). It’s good to mention seasonal color analysis at this point. Warm greenish shade of yellow matches contrastive springs best, about which you can read more in this article. All of us have our own colors, in which they can conquer the world 😉 For winters it will be clean and intense red, green and navy, for summers – a bit „worn out“ turquoise and violet, for spring – mustard and brown, old gold.

Chrissy Teigen wearing Zuhair Murad

Chrissy Teigen and Sofia Vergara are the two women that come to my mind when I think: sexy. They both have tones of inner shine. When we look at them we get the impression that they experience only good stuff and live their live at the fullest. It’s not about being fragile and subtle. It’s FIRE, my dears 😉 Chrissy tried to subtle it down with a fair outfit, but, unfortunately, she didn’t manage to. And that’s great! There’s a waist, curves, an exposed leg… Every-thing is at its place. And a natural hairstyle that makes the whole look balanced. Perfection!


Naomie Harris wearing Calvin Klein

This beautiful woman needs a more spectacular outfit. This dress would be great if she decided to wear it to a party at a friend’s house or a movie premiere, but not to the OSCARS. Compare how good she looked on the BAFTA awards gala. Modesty doesn’t always pay off; some-times it’s good to go all in and be brave 😉

Alicia Vikander wearing Louis Vuitton

As you already know, black isn’t really my color, so I haven’t become a great fan of this dress either. If it was burgundy or green, it might have been easier for me to turn a blind eye on the fact that it violates the proportions of Alicia’s body. Her body seems long and her legs short. Her waist is accentuated in the wrong place, and the accessories she went for – boring. Her last year’s Oscar look was way more interesting! Come back, Alicia of 2016 😉

Michelle Williams wearing Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton definitely isn’t lucky this year. They’re once again responsible for a look that I totally dislike. Maybe because I still remember Michelle in this look? Not only me, as there’re many people who think that it was the best Oscars look ever. Well… I miss those colors, her longer hairstyle and that sparkle in her eyes. This time she’s sad and a bit too pale. But it’ll get better – with such looks little image stuttering is just a spontaneous mishap! 😉

Teresa Palmer wearing Prada

That’s where everything was going perfect, up until the waist. Teresa is a typical boyish H, and therefore she needs a bit of asymmetry, flares and tulle…. These will make the lack of a waistline disappear, like it did here. Next time… add a bit something here and there, and it’ll be perfect!

Janelle Monae wearing Elie Saab

I love splendor in jewelry and accessories, but don’t really understand this dress. There’s everything. Patterns, stripes, a belt, the cut, dots, florals. Just as if Janelle ordered “everything”. And got a nude breast free 😉 Go for something more like this next time 😉 Remember, it’s al-ways good to have a leitmotif in a look 😉

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  1. Tynka

    Dla mnie średnio udaną stylizację miała Dakota Johnson są ze złotą sukienką, nie wyglądała zbytnio korzystnie. Najlepszą trudno wybrać, wiele mi sie podobało.

  2. lipinka

    Michelle Wiliams na tamtych Oscarach w pamiętnej żółtej sukni była u boku nieżyjącego męża. Wydaje mi się smutna odkąd Heath odszedł, od tamtej pory też trzyma się tej króciutkiej fryzury 🙁

  3. Caro

    Dakota Johnson makabra. Pańcia w satynowym pancerzu. I jeszcze ta fryzura. Ona ma wysokie wypukłe czoło i powinna je ukrywać pod grzywką.

  4. http://dobre-buty.com.pl/

    Viola Davis w Armani Prive – mistrzostwo świata, jakby wiedziała, że to będzie jej wieczór 😉 Co do Michelle Williams kompletnie sie nie zgadzam – uwielbiam ją w krótkich włosach., bez tony tapety i w projektach LV.

  5. Julita

    Kurczaki, ciężko mi wybrać, która najładniej wyglądała, ale mam kilka faworytek: Zuri Hall, Emma Stone,Hailee Steinfeld,Isabelle Huppert oraz z Twojego postu Daria Strokous 😀 Widać, że się przygotowały i dlatego wyszło im jak wyszło, czyli FENOMENALNIE!

    PS. Kochana, zorganizujesz może jakieś spotkanie w Trójmieście z czytelnikami? Czeeekam!!!

  6. Manka Kolorowanka

    To niesamowite, jak Twoje odczucia są zgodne z moimi. Sporo się nauczyłam z tej analizy. Bo czułam, że jestem całą sobą “za” albo że coś mi “nie gra” ale nie umiałam tego sprecyzować. Teraz moje postrzeganie jest bardziej świadome. Myślę że to mi się przyda przy Tworzeniu moich własnych kreacji. Niekoniecznie oskarowych 😉 Dziękuję Orzeszku!

  7. Kinga248

    Janelle mi się w sumie podoba. Bajeczna ta suknia, choć rzeczywiście, zasłonione piersi lub jakieś zdecydowanie na jeden motyw przewodni wyszłoby jej na lepsze.

  8. 'I am every woman' - Margot

    Masz rację – myślę, że idealnie dokonałaś wyboru. Czasami zastanawiają mnie te nieudane wybory. Przy możliwościach, jakie otwierają się przed aktorkami w przypadku takich imprez , trudni rozumieć dlaczego decydują się na stroje, w których po prostu źle wyglądają. Fajny post – pozdrawiam – Margot 🙂

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