Warsaw / 14 Mar, 2017

Bella and Gigi Hadid are the hottest sisters in the world of fashion. Designers fight for them, men desire them, and girls copy their style. Wherever they appear, they always make a show. Well, OK, but which one of them does it better? What’s your opinion?


Gigi Hadid, just like her best friend, Kendall Jenner, likes to mix streetstyle with sports style. She very often wears leggings, tied in a knot T-shirts, hoodies worn underneath a leather biker jacket. She wears sneakers even with elegant looks. She’s got a lot of jeans in her closet – her favorite ones are those with holes and 7/8 legs that expose her thin ankles. Her body is perfect, sos he looks great in so called crop-tops (blouses that show her belly). She’s one of those lucky girls who don’t have to cover their hips when they wear skinny jeans, and… she often makes use of that privilege 😉 Even though she sometimes experiments with colors (she goes for total looks, or blocks three saturated colors), she usually plays safe and goes for beige, blue, white, and black. She rarely goes for anything patterned; the only one that she feels good in are stripes and prints on her rock shirts.


  • total looks or color-in-color looks
  • brave evening looks (transparent appliques in her dresses)
  • sports jackets (bomber jackets, for example) or rock ones (leather biker’s jacket) worn with stilettos
  • satin worn from head to toe in the middle of the day


  • a red coat + laced leather pegs worn with beige stilettos and a nude top (NY fashion week, February 2016);
  • a nude look with a satin Self Portrait chemise dress and an elegant camel coat (NY TV, December 2016);
  • energetic color blocking with fuchsia shade pants, an orange purse and mint stilettos (Maybelline spot shoot, May 2016);
  • instead of an evening gown – a red pantsuit with a jacket and pants with wide buttons in the front (iHeart Radio MuchMusic Video Awards in 2016)
  • a white boho style dress on the red carpet (American Music Awards in 2017)


Bella Hadid, just like her sister, often reaches for elements of sports and street style. Yet casual in her edition is way more sexy. The younger miss Hadid often gets inspired by the 2000. She often reaches for jeans, chokers, transparencies, and shiny appliques. She also experiments much more often, reaching for blue shiny leather, laced flares, or a star print faux fur. She’s crazy about logos of famous sports brands, like Nike or Adidas. She also likes to experiment with hairstyles: she braids her hair into „dreadlocks” and plaits, backcombs it, or style sit in an original way. Even though she could borrow most of her sister’s clothes, there’s something in her nostalgic look that reminds the stars of the old Hollywood. That’s what makes her different from Gigi, who usually looks like a smiling surfer’s girlfriend 😉


  • sexy stylizacje na co dzień (np. przezroczysty top do jeansów)
  • bravery in reaching for „tough” materials (a dress on leather straps, a fur for the evening, jeans worn from head to toe)
  • inspired by the past decades
  • playing with textures and proportions
  • more and more colors featured in her looks
  • creative hairstyles
  • sexy everyday looks (a transparent top worn with jeans)


  • a nude Roberto Cavalli dress decorated with shiny crystals worn with a simple jewel necklace (Cannes 2016);
  • a sexy version of a cobalt tracksuit worn with a short tucked top and wide pants (Paris, March 2017);
  • a hot saturated red total look teamed with 90-ies like sunnies and an elegant Dior satchel (Paris, March 2017);
  • a look with a patterned miniskirt, a pastel XXL lila jacket, ankle buckle shoes and a short top (Versace show in Milan, February 2017);
  • a sports jacket with a print, and space like sunnies inspired by the 2000 teamed with white ankle boots (London in February 2017).

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  1. Fashionable Julita

    Szczerze mówiąc, gdy wspomniałaś o tym, że Bella jest młodsza od Gigi, to osłupiałam… Zawsze myślałam, że jest starsza (tak przynajmniej, wygląda) 🙂 No cóż, myliłam się 🙂 Widzę, że zawitał tu nowy cykl i jeśli mam wybrać, to styl Gigi podoba mi się bardziej 😀

    Ta stylizacja Gigi jest boska -> http://www.hawtcelebs.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/gigi-hadid-out-in-new-york-01-18-2017_7.jpg 🙂

    Ps. Kochana, czemu od jakiegoś czasu nie wyświetla się tu mój gravatar?
    Ps2. Kiedy pojawią się Listy do Czytelników?

    Buziaki, Julita 😀

    • Tamara Gonzalez Perea

      A widzisz 🙂 Też bym powiedziała, że Bella jest starsza 🙂

      Twój avatar widzę w panelu, ale rzeczywiście na blogu go nie widzę – zgłosiłam już programiście :*
      A Listy do Czytelników pojawią się prawdopodobnie w przyszłym miesiącu! 🙂

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