Warsaw / 15 Apr, 2017

True style and chic have nothing to do with luxurious boutiques and a wallet full of money. One can totally look perfect having spent EUR 30 on a look. Chain stores, secondhands, vintage shops and flea markets are perfect for finding unique gems. Today I decided to make a review of what chain stores have to offer this season. Take a look what I found for you and let me know whether you’ve also fallen in love with those things! 😉

1. TOP

A Stradivarius floral shirt

It stole my heart not only with its beautiful colors, but also with its cut. Oversized cuffs are a total hit of the season. I’m going to wear it with a plain pencil dress and a wide golden belt in the waist that’ll totally take it to glamour land 😉 Such a cut will beautifully even the proportions of body type A :). Don’t hesitate, if you’re one! 😉

An H&M frilled shirt

An ultra womanly shirt. I see it accompanied by gold yet again. But not only gold. I’ll also add some red to the subtle violet that appears in the green that’s embroidered on the shirt. What would you say to red pants and a pink and red clutch? A total vertigo, right? To smooth things up a bit, I’d go for a silver belt. Oh, and a Pink Panther lipstick is a total must have here! 😉

A Q Other Stories golden top

Off shoulder and asymmetrical models are another must have of the spring and summer. All girls who like to accentuate the top of their figures should have them in their closets. Such a top is a great option for the day, to wear it with jeans or with colorful pants, but it’s also a perfect choice for Saturday (and not only) parties. What would you say to a gold total look, my star? Add a sequin skirt (like this one), mirror like stilettos, and voila!

1. SHIRT Reserved | 2. TOP & Other Stories | 3. BLOUSE H&M


Embroidered Zara jeans

I don’t get jeans that often, but I couldn’t resist this pair. White and beautiful, with amazingly girly embroideries. Perfect for a sunny spring day. They look great of a model combined with pink ankle boots. They can be teamed with plain (like pink or green) shirts, or, quite differently with patterned or floral ones. They’ll look great with a short trench, a cobalt one, for example.

Frilled Zara pants

Something for romantic girls, hippie and boho style fans. These pants are a total treasure, as they can clearly liven up every look. They’ll look best with crop tops and fitted blouses. Com-bine them with florals, nautical stripes and a wide brimmed hat 😉 There’s one condition, though – they’ll look good with long and thin legs. If your body type is an Y, I, H – then it’s a choice you should definitely consider! 😉

A frilled Reserved skirt

Red comes again, but this time in a more classic edition. This skirt could easily be counted as a basic. Being plain, it creates a nice outfit with many tops that you have in your closet. The frill at the bottom makes one’s waist seem a bit thinner, that’s why it’s a great option in you’re body type is an H or an I. You can also wear it to work, teamed with a white shirt and navy stilettos.

1. JEANS Zara | 2. PANTS Zara | 3. SKIRT Reserved


A striped Reserved dress

I’ve already mentioned colorful belts in my Shop Cheap Look Like a Million Dollars article. When I saw this dress in Reserved, I immediately thought that I have to show it here. It’s a totally perfect color, its style accentuates the body, and the length is interesting. All you need to do is add a red clutch, shiny stilettos, and a hat on the head, and we can conquer the world! 😉

A jackquard Zara dress

This dress looks as if it was much more expensive than it’s written on its tag. It’s a small piece of art that requires proper company. I’d reach for a bit of bottle green (shoes and earrings) and fuchsia (a purse and lips). An amazing cut for those of you who have beautiful legs and are not afraid to show them 😉 I’d say… body types Y, O, F, I, H, and X 😉

A red Mohito frilled dress

Spain, flamenco, smooth hair, big circle earrings… That’s an association this dress brings in me. It’s perfect for people of a Southern temperament, but not only. Its fiery character can be smoothed up by pastel ballerinas and a floral shopper bag. Regardless of what it’s teamed with, it’s great both for hot as well as for chilly days, when it can be worn underneath a coat.

1. DRESS Reserved | 2. DRESS Zara | 3. DRESS Mohito


A fuchsia Zara coat

I think I could never have too much of fuchsia. It’s so essential to me, just like black is to many people, so when I saw this coat for the first time, I immediately had a hundreds of ideas for it 😉 Above all, one can wear it during a rainy day, teamed with wellies. Yellow ones, for example. When it’s not raining, it can be worn with colorful dresses, and in the evening, when you want to opt for something more elegant – with shiny cigarette pants, stilettos, and a sequin blouse. You need to have it! 😉

A floral Bershka kimono

If I were to choose an item that’s most universal and most often worn by me in the summer, I’d say it’s a kimono (along with pareos and all kinds or light wraps). They’re great as a coat when it gets chilly, protect our shoulders from the sun while we’re at the beach, liven up the look when we’re in the street, and serve as a great bathrobe while at home. Kimonos are small and handy, they can easily be packed into a suitcase. This Bershka one looks as if it was from Japan, that’s why I’m going to wear it with a high bun and golden flip flops 😉

1. KIMONO Bershka | 2. TRENCH Zara


Blue Zara mules with a bow

Mules? They’re not only seafood, but also totally fashionable shoes. They’re simply flaps, ofter closed-toed. Most usually flat ones, but they can also be encountered on a heel. And the heels are what I like about those mules from Zara. They aren’t too high, so I’ll be easily able to run around the city in them for a few hours. A 10 cm heel in flaps is quite of a risk, so they need to be perfectly comfortable so that we don’t break a leg. And these mules are totally reasonable 😉 Blue looks great accompanied by gold, fuchsia, red, and orange.

Sock like ankle boots from Zara

A meadow on your feet? Why not! It’s totally feasible in these ankle shoes 😉 They can be worn with plain pantsuits (red ones, for example… omg, I’m getting all dreamy…) or on a daily basis with short dresses, pegs, blouses, or with frilled pants that I’ve written about already. The heel is a bit thin, so it’ll look better on thin legs. If your legs and calfs are bigger, go for a more solid heel.

Satin Zara zirconia flaps

Combine business with pleasure 😉 Flaps are flat and totally comfy, they’ll be great as a part of an everyday look. One can wear them to do grocery shopping, and to a meeting with friends. They’re made of satin and embroidered with zirconias which makes them look totally glamour. Teamed with elegant pants and a shiny blouse they change the character and are great even for evening occasions. Especially the summer ones in a resort 😉

A round Mango feed bag

Rachel Zoe claims that if we were to get only one purse this year, it should be a feed bag (well, a basket will do as well). Well, if a role model says so, I have no choice but to run to Mango 😉 I like this color. It’s neutral, almost nude and matches a lot of items, without being boring at the same time. It can be easily livened up by combining it, for example, with an orange dress and golden earrings.

A pink and red Mango purse

If I were to buy two purses… It’s reach for this red and pink masterpiece. Such a color combination is a classic color-blocking, something that tigers like most 😉 It seems like a bit unreasonable investment, but nothing more wrong! You can wear it with plain items (navy, grey, white), with nautical stripes, florals (as long as one of the flowers matches your purse), with regular shirts and cigarette pants! I guarantee you – this purse will be your favorite item of the season 😉

Juicy Mango earrings

When it comes to jewelry, the Macademian era has finally reached us 😉 Big bracelets, huge earrings and colorful watches. I have a lot of these in my collection, but I can’t resist getting these juicy giants here 😉 They’re pure summer, aren’t they? Just combine them with a white embroidered dress, pink lips, golden sandals, and you’re ready 😉 If you spend time mainly in your hat and underneath an umbrella while you’re on the beach, they’ll look great teamed with your swimsuit and a pareo 😉

1. MULES Zara | 2. ANKLE BOOTS Zara | 3. FLAPS Zara | 4. FEED BAG Zara | 5. PURSE Mango

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      • Keira

        Ja się uśmiechnęłam w duchu jak zobaczyłam te haftowane dżinsy w Zarze(a jest kilka modelów w różnych kolorach i z różnymi haftami). Przypomniało mi się moje dzieciństwo i dżinsy koleżanki z czerwonymi haftowanymi kwiatkami, które jej tata przywiózł z Włoch. Wszystkie dziewczyny jej strasznie zazdrościły, bo robiła w nich niezłą furorę 😀 A było to z 18 lat temu… 😛

  1. 'I am every woman' - Margot

    Wbrew niektórym opiniom, że sieciówki są niedokładnie uszyte, albo tylko dla ludzi młodych – ja mam całkiem odmienne zdanie. Dla osób, które lubią zmiany i nie odczuwają potrzeby posiadania rzeczy w tak zwanym dobrym gatunku – sieciówki są idealne. Zresztą ta jakość też jest teraz bardzo dobra – mam różne rzeczy z wszystkich chyba Zar, Stradivariusów i New Looków 😉 , które kupiłam lata temu i nadal świetnie wyglądają. Nic się nie spruło, wypłowiało, skurczyło, czy rozciągnęło. Dla mnie najważniejszą chyba zaletą jest to, że można sobie finansowo pozwolić na całkowite odmłodzenie szafy z sezonu na sezon. Uwielbiam też takie krótkie serie w tych sklepach – szansa na spotkanie kogoś w podobnym ubraniu jest coraz mniej realna, a dla nas kobiet z wymaganiami hahaha 😉 to jest dopiero atut. Pozdrawiam – czy zaraz po Świętach są jakieś wyprzedaże hahahah 🙂 😉 . Margot 🙂

    • Tamara Gonzalez Perea

      U mnie jest podobnie i z tych samych powodów doceniam i kupuję w sieciówkach. Dla osoby, która często wymienia garderobę, bawi się trendami nie ma lepszego sposobu! I masz rację – sporo rzeczy po latach jest w idealnym stanie! Pozostaje nam tylko czekać na wyprzedaże 😛 Ja już zacieram rączki, hahha 😀

  2. Ewelina

    Świetne propozycje! Planuję się zaopatrzyć w bluzkę z H&M z roślinnością i czerwoną spódnicę z Reserved. Myślę, że będą tworzyły udany duet. Mam tylko nadzieję, że do czasu mojego polowania nikt mi tych perełek nie wykupi. 😉

  3. etna

    Planuje połączyć kwieciste kimono z pasiasta sukienka z reserved i butami klapkami. Co Ty na to? Pozdrawiam Macademian 🙂

    • Tamara Gonzalez Perea

      Myślę że powinno pasować, trzeba tylko przymierzyć i sprawdzić czy materiały zagrają, bo sukienka jest dość gruba a kimono zwiewne i śliskie. Trzeba też zwrócić uwagę na długości – jak kimono będzie krótsze od sukienki może być nieładnie 😕
      Klapki będą fajnie wyglądały, chociaż ja założyłabym szpilki 🙂

  4. Anna A Anna

    Ja nawet nie wiedziałam, że ten typ obuwia zwie się skarpetkowym :). Spodnie biją wszystko na głowę, te falbanki są fantastyczne. Po prostu cudo. Masz dar do wyszukiwania takich perełek.

  5. Panda

    Wow, milo zobaczyć u Ciebie coś, na co sama zwrocilam uwagę w sklepie! Niestety czerwona s pódnica z Reserved w rozmiarze xs ,choć piękna, to.jednak sporo.za.duża. brakuje mi mniejszych rozmiarów 🙁

  6. Diaboliqueangel

    Wszystko piękne i kolorowe tylko co nadaje się dla figury jabłka w rozmiarze 40? ! 😊 pocieszam się tylko czerwoną torebką z tym ze ja zainwestowałam w MK. ❤

    • Tamara Gonzalez Perea

      Kochana, w sieciówkach znajdziesz też sporo propozycji dla figury O w rozmiarze 40 🙂 Luźne zwiewne bluzki, kimono, trencze – będą idealne! Nie wspominając o dodatkach, od których można dostać zawrotu głowy 🙂 Mnóstwo wskazówek znajdziesz też w artykułach o dobieraniu konkretnych części garderoby do typu sylwetki. Zerknij na literkę O TUTAJ :*

  7. Anna_jak

    Mnie się niesamowicie podobają te galbaniadre spodnie i złote klapki ale ponieważ jestem niska i z dużym biustem to chyba tylko klapki mi zostają

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