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I’m a huge fan of fashion recycling. I like buying clothes that I’ll be able to wear many times. And I don’t mean a little black dress, but the same dress worn to a job interview, a date, or a family occasion – why not? 😉 I chose a dress for each body shape (you can check here which letter you are). Each of them, teamed with proper accessories, will look great both during official as well as more casual events. Take a look at my suggestions.


Regardless if you work in a state institution or in a company that treats office elegance with a pinch of salt, it’s still good to look professional. Even I, when I have an important meeting, I try to team my fashion temper down a bit and reach for a bit more subdued accessories, make sure my dresses aren’t too short and so on. It’s good to wear a neckerchief instead of a jewel necklace and add glasses (even if your eyesight is 20/20, you can always go for neutral glasses) and decorate your hand with a watch. Don’t go crazy with colors, all you need is 2 or three shades, including a subdued one, like beige, navy, or white. Your goal is to make a professional impression of a trustworthy person. Body shape I looks good in diagonal stripes, that’s why your dress can be patterned 😉

1. DRESS Esprit | 2. COAT Only | 3. STILETTOS Even&Odd | 4. PURSE L.Credi | 5. BELT Vanzetti
Petite Folie | 7. SUNNIES Brylove | 8. EARRINGS Sno of Sweden | 9. WATCH Even&Odd


They say that despite appearances women don’t dress for men, but for other women. There’s surely something to it, as only a girlfriend could appreciate lavishly decorated stilettos or a purse that was so hard to get because Rihanna carried exactly the same one to a party in New York a couple of days ago 😉 Wear your newest gems to a meeting with your girlfriend, you’re very happy to have bought them, aren’t you? 😉 Wear new stilettos, a colorful coat and run 😉 Petite F ladies like strong colors which help them stand out from the crowd. A red dress hits the jackpot. It can be with a bow neckline, which guarantees that it’s modest enough to be worn both to work as well as to family occasions. Red has many shades; warm seasonal color types will like the brick and coral shade, cool types – raspberry and blood.

1. DRESS Closet | 2. CARDIGAN Morgan | 3. STILETTOS Fersengold | 4. CLUTCH Buffalo
5. HEADBAND Yoko Design | 6. EARRINGS Cloe
 | 7. BRACELETS Cloe | 8. RINGS Miss Selfridge 


A universal dress usually lacks a deep cleavage (which is so loved by all men), as it wouldn’t be such a great choice to a job interview or your nephew’s christening. You need to accentuate your sexuality in a different way. Above all, wear something red. It’s the color of love, passion, sensuality. Earrings or a lipstick would be enough. Of course red only isn’t enough; reach for stilettos or fishnet tights. These universal aphrodisiacs have been already known by our grandmas. Combined with a hairstyle falling on one eye, or a girly plait, they’ll melt a lot of male hearts. H body shaped girls need dresses that’ll create an illusion of a waistline. Peplum pencil dresses totally stand up to the task!

1. DRESS Closet | 2. STILETTOS Yes I do | 3. CLUTCH Mascara | 4. NECKLACE Cloe
5. LIPSTICK MacademianGirl Makeup for Paese  | 6. HEADBAND Cloe
 | 7. EARRINGS Miss Glow
8. RING Ted Baker


My dear O, we need to makes your belly a bit, so your dress should be loose, a bit oversize. The one that I chose is beautifully oversized with a frill at the bottom. If you want to make it look a bit more elegant, team it with a jewelry-like collar, a clutch, a simple coat and nude stilettos. If you’re going on a walk, wear some comfy heels though – golden sneakers or fuchsia ballerinas. Put flowers in your hair and decorate your ears with shiny glamour style earrings –you can’t stop being a lady even if you’re going on a walk with your dog 😉 Remember about a neckerchief or a scarf. It’ll warm you up when it gets chilly, and if you wrap it around a shoulder it’ll mask your belly.

1. DRESS Leimann | 2. SNEAKERS Yes I do | 3. PURSE Benetton | 4. SCARF Only
5. FLOWER Milita Nikonorov | 6. HEADBAND Happy Lazy
 | 7. EARRINGS Cloe


Girls of body shape A look good in pencil dresses, as long as they make sure to enlarge their shoulders (puffs, wide sleeves, etc.). A more universal style? A shaped items – a tight top and a flared bottom. It seems like it’s Kate Middleton’s favorite style, so you already know that you can attend official parties in outfits like this. Just wrap an elegant jacket over your shoulders and pin an elegant pin into your hair (like this one). What should you do to make the whole look a bit more evening-like? Well.. sequins are a great idea. A fascinator, a headband or a clutch. Let your hair loose, apply a red lipstick, use some eyeliner… Awwww… 😉

1. DRESS Mint&Berry | 2. SANDALS New Look | 3. CLUTCH Even&Odd | 4. TOQUE Expose
5. NECKLACE Miss Glow | 6. EARRINGS Cloe 
 | 7. BRACELETS Cloe


What I mean are events that require us to wear elegant and modest looks like christenings, first communion, weddings. It’s good to get inspired by women who hold important and representative positions like the first ladies, princesses and queens. They’ve mastered this style to perfection. Take a look at Kate Middleton’s, Agata Duda’s or Laticia’s the Queen of Spain outfits. What do you notice first? OK, let me give you a hint 😉 Above all, a classic total look reaches the peak of elegance. A total look – when everything’s in the same color. If you go for pink, the dress, shoes, purse and earrings should be pink as well, and so on. Doesn’t sould like you? Just go for navy or nude accessories. Remember that your should cover your shoulders (especially in church), and wear tights.

1. DRESS Oasis | 2. COAT Simple | 3. STILETTOS Zign | 4. TOQUE Yoko Design
5. CLUTCH Mascara | 6. EARRINGS Sweet Deluxe
 | 7. RINGS Ted Baker 


What do you associate summer with? A wicker basket? Flip-flops, sandals? A straw wide brimmed hat? Sunnies? Or maybe all those things at once? 😉 Nothing should prevent you from combining them with a shirt like dress that you wear to work and that you wore to a coffee with your friend recently 😉 If you like it and feel comfy in it, pack it into your suitcase! Ys feel great in envelope tops (take a look at the collage below) and flared bottoms. Adorn your hands – wear rings and bracelets. They’ll draw attention to the bottom parts of your body when you keep your hands down. Your legs are nice, so try to fight cellulite starting now, so that you’ll be able to show them in the summer.

1. DRESS Closet | 2. SHOES Anna Field | 3. PURSE Pepe Jeans | 4. HAT OVS
5. EARRINGS J. Crew | 6. LIPSTICK MacademianGirl Makeup for Paese
 | 7. BRACELET Cloe
8. RINGS Ivyrevel

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  1. Sabrooowska96

    Świetny post Kochana! Bardzo podoba mi się sukienka przy sylwetce “A”. Jest jak najbardziej w moim stylu 😉 Chciałabym dodać że do pomadki Retro red dokupiłam pomadkę Art deco i błyszczyk rose amber, które na prawdę świetnie się sprawdzają. Zawszę marzyłam o tak trwałych pomadkach no ale niestety takiego typu kosztują powyżej 100 zł i nie każdy sobie może na nie pozwolić. Dzięki tobie mam pomadkę swoich marzeń. Zaraziłam Tobą moją mamę, która po zobaczeniu jak świetnie wyglądają twoje pomadki na moich ustach postanowiła sobie je zamówić (śmiech). Razem z mamą czekamy na lusterka, które są bardzo Macademian style tak samo jak pomadki i błyszczyki 😉 Jesteś najlepsza ♥♥♥ Bardzo bym chciała, żeby twoja kolekcja się rozrosła np. o produkty do oczu takiego typu jak paletki cieni (na pewno byłyby tak samo dobre jak obecne kosmetyki i równie kolorowe jak Ty!). Całuję ♥♥

    • Tamara Gonzalez Perea

      Dziękuję i cieszę się, że moje pomadki tak się sprawdzają 🙂 Choć szczerze i nieskromnie mówiąc – wiedziałam, że tak będzie! Pracowaliśmy nad nimi przez cały rok, a ich jakość była moim priorytetem 🙂 Sama maluję się nimi codziennie, a i niech Wam się dobrze noszą! 🙂 Lusterka dołączą niebawem, będę Was o tym informować :* Buzi, Kochana :*

  2. Monia

    A co z eFkami które są urody lata bez kontrastów. Wydaje mi się, że ginę w tych przygaszonych kolorkach, albo wyglądam jak dziewczynka 😉 a sukienki uwielbiam, dodatkowo często tunika to dla mnie po prostu sukienka 😉 do tego urocze balerinki, aż się rozmarzylam i zatesknilam za słońcem 😉 przesyłam Tamarko uściski <3

    • Tamara Gonzalez Perea

      No i super. Pewnie, że noś tuniki zamiast sukienek! 🙂 Przeczytaj jeszcze raz opis lata bez kontrastów – te kolory są ciut bardziej przygaszone niż u zimy ale i tak intensywne 🙂 Może być czerwień na ustach, color blocking, kwiaty, zdecydowanie stonowane lato potrzebuje kolorów, masz dobrą intuicję! :*

  3. Delfina

    Moja Droga, materiał perfekcyjny jak Mercedes (nic dodać nic ująć). Oniemiałam z wrażenia. Wszystkie bez wyjątku zaprosiłabym do swojej szafy. A ta niesforna torebka z kompozycji dla Y w kształcie siodła, mrrr… Tak trzymaj! ;)=

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