Warsaw / 19 Apr, 2017

You don’t need to be a millionaire to have a great time during a long weekend. Believe me, it can only take EUR 20 and you’re off to the best long weekend of your life! I prepared a few ideas for you to check out, and all of them are on a budget!


You can spend a long weekend in a different… city. If you’re based in Poland, just take a bus to Torun or Wroclaw. Find a cheap hostel (Booking.com will be helpful). If you don’t find spending a night accommodated with strangers disturbing, you will pay even… EUR 5 for a room! Look for discounts, which very often appear, for example, on Groupon.pl. Go through Airbnb’s offers. When I was writing this article I found a great offer – a cozy room in Kazimierz Dolny for EUR 10, or a night in Ustka in the seaside for EUR 8! If you love adventures, Couchsurfing.com is a great option, as it offers accommodation… for free! 😉 Let the fun Begin! 😀


When others leave for the long weekend, you can just stay in the city and enjoy the lack of traffic 😉 Go on a concert (how about a philharmonic one?), to the theater or on a movie marathon. Check what interesting events your city has planned during the weekend, for example in a local column of gazetawyborcza. Examples? In Wroclaw – the Cranberries concert, in Gdansk – an Abba show. The choice of open-air events is wide, and, what’s important, they’re all free. Make use of that! 😉


Instead of spending money on a trip, take your friends to a nice restaurant with a beautiful garden and eat something that you’d never order otherwise. Seafood, five kinds of hummus, or maybe all kinds of sushi? It’s OK to do it from time to time! An alternative version: a picnic near a river, of course as long as the weather is nice. If it’s sunny, take a checked tablecloth, bread, some dips and homemade drinks. Divide the tasks between your friends. It won’t be expensive, but very chic! 😉


That’s an option for the active ones. If you like to run, there’re a lot of marathons organized in spring. A starting set costs between EUR 10-20. If you’re based in Poland, you can choose between the Warsaw Flag Run, The Constitution Run in Lodz, or the Union Run in Przezmierow near Poznan. Take your friends and have a great fun! Renting a bike or a canoe doesn’t cost that much either. You can feel like on a real trip even if you’re in the middle of the city. If you’re from Warsaw, take a look at Kajakwstolicy.pl, if you’re closer to Karpacz, check their rope amusement park offer.


Ask your friends whether they don’t know a nice and calm place near the city that they could recommend. Nights at places that don’t even have their websites very often turn out to be surprisingly cheap! 😉 You can check Lower Silesia and The Czoch castle (I recommend a quiet hotel called Orle Gniazdo in Zlotniki), Chaty za Wsia in Mazuria (Urzanki, or Agro-chata in Lack at the seaside. Or maybe one of your friends has a cottage house that you could go to? 😉


Look for special or last minute offers on RyanAir.com or WizzAir.com. A round-trip just to have an espresso on Piazza Navona in Rome can cost less than EUR 20! 😉 When I was writing this article for you, I found a flight from Gdansk to Sweden for EUR 8 and a one way ticket from Rzeszow to Berlin for EUR 18. Download an app and send an alert for routes that you find especially interesting. The choice is wide. Check, for example, Fru.pl.


 Check special offers in SPA centers in your city. Who knows, maybe it’ll take just EUR 20 for you to spend a whole day being massaged with chocolate masks on your body? 😉 Go to Groupon.pl, or Qpony.pl. Check these offers, I find them very tempting. A “day spa” in Wroclaw costs as little as EUR 13, and a session of floating (a method of deep relaxation in a salt spring) in Cracow – EUR 12 😉

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  1. Siana Jak Lodu

    Cześć Tamara 🙂
    Bardzo Cię cenie jako kobietę. Myślę, że jesteś piękna, stylowa, przebojowa i inteligentna – czego chcieć więcej?
    Nie ukrywam, że zaskoczyłaś mnie swoim wpisem, nie myślałam, że przeczytam o takich tematach u Ciebie – szanuję 🙂
    Myślałam nawet nad udostępnieniem Twojego wpisu na swoim fanpage FB Siana Jak Lodu, ale niestety polecasz Wyborczą i ze względu na poglądy tego nie zrobię.
    Wpis jest super, pozdrawiam 🙂

  2. Sabrooowska96

    Pomysł z wyjazdem na weekend do innego miasta okazuje się być moim strzałem w 10 😉 Zobaczymy czy uda mi się ten pomysł zrealizować 🙂 Świetny post jak zawsze :* Buziaki :* :*

  3. Joanna

    Tamarko jeśli mamy polecać tanie miejsca na świetny urlop to poleciłabym ci Hotel Maurski za 100 zł zjadłam śniadanie, nacieszyłam się naturą i pozwiedzałam pobliskie atrakcje jak Gietrzwałd czy Grunwald. Może napisałabyś artykuł o wiarze, religijności? W każdym razie całusy kochana, mam wrażenie że na każdym filmiku (bo oglądałam twój nowy filmik na youtubie) wyglądasz tylko lepiej- choć zastanawiam się czy to możliwe-. Pa!!!

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