Warsaw / 18 Jun, 2017

When the temperature rises above 30 degrees Celsius, all one thinks about is putting on the most oversized dress one has, and wondering around the street in … swimwear only. Well… Is it such a great idea? Read on to see the code of summer looks I prepared for you 😉


A real nightmare of summer looks? Straps lurking from underneath tops and dresses. If you want to avoid that, make sure to consider it first thing in the morning, when you’re planning your outfit. You can go for a strapless bra or nipple stickers (an option for brave ones, with a rather small bust). If you want the bra to be noticed, make sure it’s the star of the look. Go for a shiny, bright, or embroidered one. Take a peek at my article in which I explained how to choose a perfect bra. Remember that under no circumstances should your panties be seen by random people. Make sure they stay covered when you’re sipping your frozen latte at a coffee shop gossiping with your bff 😉 If you like low-rise jeans, wear them with a bodysuit, a longer shirt, or a tunic.


A quick body type and seasonal color analysis revision. The ability to accentuate our assets and creatively mask our imperfections is especially important in the summer 😉 Cellulite doesn’t look that great when it’s teamed with shorts, and a bigger belly doesn’t go that great with a crop top. Bigger thighs (like Alicia Keys’ ones) are a feature characteristic for those of body type A and X. They’ll look great with maxi dresses and longer straight leg pants. Os and Ys have bigger bellies, that’s why they look good in gauzy dresses, oversized blouses and shorts. Are you slim and petite? Avoid oversize clothing, which will simply make you look like a hanger. Go for folds, frills and diagonal stripes, as they make the body look more curvy.


Before you purchase a long-wanted dress, make sure to read the tag to find out what it’s made of. If something’s made out of polyester/acrylic blend (synthetic fibers), it’s highly possible that you’ll sweat a lot in it. Go for items made out of cotton, linen, and thin wool. May the fabric be your safety policy, in case you have a tendency to sweat. We’re not robots and when the temperature rises up to 30 degrees Celsius, everyone has a right to get a bit sweaty here and there. I’m sure though that a proper choice of fabric and a good deodorant will help you prevent the unpleasant scent, keeping you comfortable at the same time. By the way, when it comes to fabrics, it’s good to mention the visual aspect as well. If one of your body part is a bit bigger – try to avoid wearing transparent fabrics on it. If one wears silk on a bigger belly, it will only glue to the skin and accentuate imperfections, so linen, which is a bit thicker, will be a better idea.


I often encounter girls sitting in full sun without hats and sunnies. Not to mention health risks such as strokes and skin cancer, sun rays have a bad influence on the eyes. These girls deprive themself of the most amazing summer accessories one could dream of! 😉 It’s the time of beautiful wide brimmed hats which can totally make even the most basic looks amazingly original. You’re not that into wide brims? A panama hat is also a great solution. Pair it with a gauzy floral dress or white fray hem shorts, a colorful off-shoulder blouse, a few bracelets and… you’re the queen of the summer! 😉 Make sure to wear sunnies, as forgetting to put your pair on is equal to sunbathing without sunscreen. It’s simply unhealthy. You think that you’re not a glasses type of person? You’ll surely find at least one pair that suits you, just take a look at my article about choosing glasses according to the shape of your face.


Let’s make a deal: if you wear stilettos to the beach, it should be for pictures only 😉 If you’re not having pics taken, go for comfy flat slides and sandals. The most important thing, even during summer, is to feel good in your own outfit 😉 Most of you love high heels, no wonder, as it’s commonly known that they improve one’s proportions, make the legs optically slimmer, and give self-confidence. In everyday life. I don’t believe that a famous designer’s masterpiece stilettos work for anyone during shore walks. They’ll simple make you look funny. Trust me: a natural hairstyle, a delicate tan, a nice hat and colorful flip-flops will make you look way better. Instead of looking for new stilettos, use some body scrub, moisturize your hair with a natural oil, jojoba, for example. It’ll make you feel sexy and elegant. You can also take a look at my article on how to look slim on the beach. If you’re short and high heels are a must have, go for wedges or comfy platform shoes.

1. SLIDES Lost Ink | 2. SLIDES River Island | 3. SLIDES River Island | 4. SLIDES Genius 


Summer outfits can be provocative, but they shouldn’t be too small. Deep cleavages and mini skirts are totally allowed, but under one condition: go for your size. There’s nothing worse than being able to see someone’s butt above their pants. Remember that you should be able to fit at least one finger between your belt and your skin. If you’re not sure if you’re getting a proper size, try on the bigger one and compare. Take a look at Lena Dunham. She doesn’t look that great in too tight leggings and shirt. All she needs to shine though, is a perfectly cut dress. Find the type of a dress that suits you most(let this article help you) and pay attention to the size – it success guaranteed! 😉


A total nightmare of beach towns – people wondering around only in their swimsuits. They go into stores or run to get a cold Coke without putting anything on 😉 I’m not a prude, yet I believe that it’s a matter of good manners. Noone would ever walk like that around Warsaw or Wroclaw. Being a bit more casual is totally understandable when one is on holiday, but what pareos and wraps are for? 😉 Make sure to cover yourself when you leave the beach. If your hips are wider, you can use a pareo, if your belly is bigger, go for a kimono. You can also use a gauzy strapless dress, a long shirt, or a tunic. Way better, isn’t it? 😉

5. WRAP O’Neil | 6. WRAP Women Secret

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  1. Mateusz

    O to to!!! I jeszcze, o zgrozo, nadszedł sezon chodzenia bez stanika 😀 Polki już co raz lepiej wyglądają ale niektóre jeszcze zdecydowanie częściej powinny tu zaglądać (do ciebie na bloga)! Bardzo dobre są te posty poradnicze, oby Panie brały przykład 🙂

  2. Majcia

    O zgrozo !! 😛 😛 Mam pytanie 😉 🙂 O co chodzi z tym konkursem na Instagramie i skąd mamy wiedzieć kto wygrał?? Mógłby ktoś powiedzieć o co chodzi tak dokładnie ?? Też podrzucę fotkę z Twoją pomadką <3 <3 <3 <3

  3. Misguided

    Wszystko ok, tylko mam pytanie, według tego artykułu osoby które mają kilka kilogramów za dużo, nie mogą ubierać krótkich spodenek, czy spódniczek, bo widać ich masywne uda i większy brzuch, sama mam może i kilka kilogramów za dużo, ale nie będę chować się w sukienkach maxi i długich spodniach, gdy na zewnątrz jest 30 stopni

    • Tamara Gonzalez Perea

      To nie o to chodzi 🙂 Mowa o tym, by nie zakładać rzeczy za małych, za ciasnych, eksponujących nasze niedoskonałości jeszcze bardziej – sukienki maxi to tylko przykład mający obrazować alternatywę, inne wyjście z sytuacji. Oczywiście kilka kilogramów więcej nie zakazuje nam nosić krótkich spódniczek czy spodenek! Bez przesady 😀

    • Michalina

      No ja np mam cellulit i się go nie wstydzę, chodzę w krótkich spodenkach, może nie szortach ale takich do połowy uda, zawsze rozmiar większe żeby był luz albo w luźniejszym fasonie 😉 ale przesłanie ogólne rozumiem.

  4. Ilona

    Ja właśnie dziś widziałam chłopaka na przystanku autobusowym bez koszulki. Mimo, że miał ładnie wyrzeźbione ciało to jakoś nie urzekł mnie jego widok… Także nie należę do osób szczególnie pruderyjnych jednak środek dużego miasta to chyba nie jest dobre miejsce na prezentowanie swojej muskulatury (nawet mimo wysokiej temperatury). Pozdrawiam!

    • Tamara Gonzalez Perea

      Ta zasada nie zawsze się sprawdza 🙂 Mniej na plaży jest ok, ale paradowanie w bikni poza nią nie zawsze jest fajne 🙂 Ale zrozumiałam Twój przekaz, choć wybacz – wcale się do niego nie stosuję, hahah 😉 😛

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