Magic like in an Arabic fairytale, erotic power of heavy oils and conditioning rituals that relax the body and, even more, the soul. In a noisy centre of the Mokotowska street there is still a place, where the time passes slower. What counts here, are the aromatic incenses and the talks about the mysteries of the Arabian women’s beauty.


Some people search for the smells that remind them of the idyllic moments in their lives, others go all the way and set up the perfumeries. Everything in life is the matter of idea,  fantasy and momentum 😉 The owner of Sense Dubai, Nina Kowalewska – Motlik has fallen in love with oriental perfumes during her journey to Dubai and… She opened a magical store right in the heart of  Warsaw. When she smelled Arabic spices, musk and pervasive vanilla for the first time, she knew that they will stay in her life forever. At first, she brought the perfumes just for herself, but her friends also quickly fell in love with them. Gradually Nina’s luggages started to burst with luxurious phials forget friends. Finally, when on the way back from another escapade, she was stopped by publican at the airport she realized that she’s only one solution – she decided to open a store 🙂 From back then she officially shares with others unique smells from United Arab Emirates.

Nina opened the store right after she was stopped by the publicans at the airport. She had such a huge number of  perfumes that they couldn’t believe they were just for Nina’s friends.

The Mo61, perfumery that I wrote you about in July is just across the street. The address is not the only feature that these two places have in common. Similarly to the laboratory from Mokotowska 61 Street, it didn’t take long to set up Sense Dubai. Business intuition prompted Nina to set up her niche investment on this bustling street. The inside of the store itself was created just in 3 months! You’d never tell that by the look of the golden walls, atmospheric lighting and discreet mirrors, that are the perfect frame for crystal phials! On the other hand, Nina is one of the Polish  most influential businesswomen not without a reason, and her impressive career is the perfect example of the native American Dream. The founder of the perfumery knows how to turn a hobby into an occupational challenge… She studied Japanese, but she choose to work as a journalist. She also  set up an advertising agency (it’s her who promoted the famous Harlequin series on the Polish market!) and she became a leader of  New Communications, the PR company. You could think that having achieved so much she could just rest on her laurels and smell (nomen omen) beautiful 😉 But it is her work that is her passion and she fancies coming up with new bisness concepts way more than resting. And if that wasn’t enough, she’s also a full time mother and loving wife. Chapeu bas!



After entering the perfumery, I immediately started to feel like an exotic princess 🙂 At once I started to feel good which was undoubtedly thanks to Marianna, who has been working here from the beginning. She knows everything about Dubaj, because, just like Nina,  she’s been traveling to the Middle East for quite some time now and she’s planning to settle down there someday. Her black, shiny hair, sensually calm voice and contured by khol (which is used by the Arabian women for accentuating their eyes) eyes even emphasize the feeling that you are in the land from “One thousand and one night”.

Firstly, she offered me some sweets brought from the United Arab Emirates and she put the incense on. Surprisingly, it didn’t remind me of the suffocating stick incense, that we know from the popular India shops. These were rather wet, sensual, dripped with oil bullet that emits the heavy but pleasant smoke. Arabian women incense every centimeter of their body, because it preserves fantastically the smell of the oils. Marianna revealed that using the smell is for Arabian sophisticated, almost spiritual ritual, and some women change the perfumes due to the day of their monthly cycle! There are also some oils for toes, knees, beard’s hair or beards. Arabian take very seriously the Mahomet’s words that “Allah doesn’t love anything more then he loves women, children and perfumes” 😀


Our is the most valuable ingredient of the Arabic smells. It is even more expensive than gold – a droplet is enough to change a glass of water into luxurious perfumes!

Sense Dubai is a real trendsetter among perfumeries in Poland and it’s> the only place in our country that sells authentic, Arabic perfumes. The smells consist of the line dedicated to the Middle East (these are the most intensive) and the milder, European one. In the offer you can find also the products of the luxurious YAS company that are now available in any other chain drogeria – you can find it only in 43 places in the whole world! In Harrod’s in London there is a whole floor filled with Arabic perfumes, but it’s not near as perfect as Sense Dubai. To prove that, Marianna shows me a perfume phial, in which there is the oud’s sediment. This is as black as tar resin from the Aguilaria tree, it’s aromatic and more expensive then gold! One droplet is enough to turn a glass of water into perfumes 🙂


Those, who have tried the Arabic perfumes, do not supposedly return to the traditional drogerias, which offer perfumes that “blow” the aroma as fast as they fade. Arabic, made on the basis of oils, “cooperate” with our body. It causes them to change throughout the day, and, when washed with water, smell even more beautiful 🙂 Each aroma is put into a tube with an odorless, earthen funnels, that don’t change the smell of the perfumes. These, on the other hand, immediately fuse with our skin and emphasize (and not camouflage) it’s natural smell. Besides, the funnels themselves look like an object of desire, just like the crystal bottles, in which you can hide your own composition of fragrant oils. Among propositions you can find also more simple (yet still with charm) ones, prepared only with one ingredient, just like my favorite Saudian Rose – collected at dawn and boiled for over 6 hours. The specimen that Nina gave me will definitely not be my last one 😉

Sense Dubai is visited by the most famous people, but you’ll not read about it on Pudelek, a Polish gossip online service. The perfumery values privacy and comfort of their clients, so it whispers rather than shouts in the media.



Some people come to the perfumery just to test the smells and be charmed by the magic of this calming place. Rich people come here and spend a few> hundreds zlotys, but so do students starting their adventure with luxurious perfumes (the cheapest oils are worth 90 zlotys!). Oils that are rubbed in> our hair can be smelled even after we wash our hair twice! They don’t create a veil that would engage everyone that is near us 😉 They can only be felt near our skin, just when they’re supposed to – while being really close to someone. According to a legend, these perfumes are the most sophisticated aphrodisiacs, that can truly bond a pair 😉 one of the befriended customer keeps coming back for the same perfume for his wife, because he’s very satisfied with its effect 🙂 You can also buy the famous Al Hareem perfume in Sense Dubai, the composition of musk, vanilla and rose. It’s used by men in the Middle East, in Europe however it is mainly used by women. Additionally, the incense used by Marianna during my visit are, paradoxically, suggested to be used when you have a headache, or a migraine!


Besides perfumes, this place also offers complex, Arabic care treatments. Marianna admits that you can find out what it means to be truly “clean and relaxed” only after having a ham am ritual (hydration, cleaning and anointing with oils) 😉 The SPA salon in the perfumery is visited regularly by the certain First Lady, but you’ll never see the brazen advertisements of this place. You come here “on recommendation ” or you make an appointment directly in the perfumery, because it prefers to whisper rather than shout in the media. Sense Dubai wants to be reckoned as luxurious and above all, discreet – it’s an oasis of peace, which you can visit while crossing the Mokotowska street 🙂