I associate the aroma of cinnamon with my house, Christmas Eve and delicious cakes baked by my mom. Cinnamon added to the porridge warms you before going out and combined with apple mousse makes for the best dessert in the world 🙂 Moreover, cinammon sticks may serve not only for creating beautiful, ecological decorations on your Christmas tree but even for a candlestick! A spicy, a bit savoury  taste of this additive goes with the sweetness of honey and the sour flavor of  lemon juice. To be honest – it’s my favorite winter comibnation. It copes better with the first symptoms of a cold than pills from a chemist’s. Especially, accompanied by mulled wine and a blanket 🙂



Cinnamon isn’t good just for an apple pie 😉 From the hundreds of years it’s been used as a medicine. Its coarse consists of cinnamon oil which works antibacterial and anitfungal. It increases the level of gastric acid and reduces bloating. Due to this, it’s popular among people who have some problems with their digestion system and obesity. It works like a magical wand on a problematic skin: cleanses, vitalizes, moisturizes your skin and reduces the sebum level. If visiting the beauticians hasn’t improved the condition of your acne complexion, you should give a cinnamon a chance and experiment with it..Some people claim that cinnamon applied regularly may eliminate most of your imperfections!

Cinnamon oil is a wonderful thing which reduces a sebum level and cleanses your problematic skin. What’s more, if you combine it with honey, it moisturizes the skin and softens it.


Lemons are a rich source of vitamin C, vitamin B and phosphorus. Lemons are high in antoxidants and anti-dandruff properties. They contain  fruit acids, so a lemon works as good as peelings from shops – lemons cleanse your skin, lessen your pores and brighten up your skin. It deals with cold sore and frostbite! Honey, similarly to lemon juice, has been applied in cosmetics for years. It maintains the appropriate level of skin humidity, improves blood supply and helps in peeling of the outer layer of your skin.  No wonder that Cleopatra loved adding lemon juice to her bath 😀 Mixture of cinnamon, lemon juice and honey is a cleansing-softening compress. After applying it, you will get a brand new skin 🙂



You may put the emulsion from powdered cinnamon which was earlier mixed with water. However, you have to be careful with this spice, as it warms your skin and works in te same way as a strong chemical peeling. Its “repairing” properties work better when accompanied by softening honey. In view of these facts, I strongly recommend a less invasive version – a face mask with cinnamon, honey and lemon juice 🙂


  • 2 honey spoons
  • 1/2 tea spoon of cinnamon
  • 1 lemon juice spoon


In a little bowl, mix honey with cinnamon. Add lemon juice and mix it all carefully.  Apply the honey and lemon mixture on your clean skin. Be careful, a little burning is completely normal! If you’ve got delicate skin, try to test cinnamon on the edge of your cheek and remember about applying the mask in the evening. Put it on, relax and after 10 minutes rinse the mixture with warm water. It may happen that your skin will be a bit red. Don’t panic! This redness disappears after 2 hours, so put on an oil-based moisturizing cream and go to sleep. The next day you’ll wake up with a soft, smooth and moisturized skin. This mask makes your skin feel soft and gives it a healthy glow. While applying the mask in the second time, you may use more cinnamon – everything depends on that if cinnamon like your skin 🙂 Apply the mask  about once a week. If your skin is greasy, use a moisturizing cream instead of an oil-based moisturizing cream.

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