She was the First Lady, served as the Secretary of State, and was nominated to be the President of the United States. She lost the election to a much less experienced and controversial candidate, Donald Trump. She still remains the embodiment of modern girl power. Read on to find out what we can learn from her!


When Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton became the First Lady in 1993, she was well aware that the role of standing by her husband’s side will not satisfy all of her ambitions. Hillary, not only as a wife, but also as a PhD of Law with experience in management, was the main strategist when it came to President Clinton’s campaign. When they have conquered the White House, she immediately started acting: she introduced a health care reform and social insurances for children. Before her husband left the chair in 200, she’s become the senator of New York and in 2009 – the Secretary of State. In 2016 she was nominated to be the President of the USA. What is the point of a spectacular career? Support your partner in their career, but make sure you just don’t iron their white shirts 😉 If you want your relationship to work (and your husband still loves you, despite all the years that have passed), make sure you also develop your own skills, and aim high. Independence is sexy, as it’ll always make you seem a bit out of reach! 😉 And well, if you split up… you won’t have to start your life „all over again”! 😉


An international scandal hit the tabloids in 1998: an intern in the White House, Monica Lewinsky, charged the President of the United States with keeping close (and equally inappropriate) relations with her. I’m not going to judge Clinton’s behavior (that what the court did), but pay attention to Hillary’s approach. Even though it must have cost her a lot of nerves, she stood by her husband. She first said that the gossips must have been „a one big scam”, and when it turned out that Lewinsky wasn’t lying, the First Lady just resigned from public speeches. What’s more, she talked her husband into seeing a therapist and they’ve been together ever since. If the gossips about your relationship problems go public (even in your group of friends), don’t comment your partner’s behavior in any way. Stay classy – even if you decide to break up, don’t make it all public. Making people aware of your partner’s flaws only proves that you’re not reliable and don’t wish them well. You don’t want anyone thinking that of you, do you?



You think that fashion doesn’t have a lot in common with politics? Give it another thought 😉 Or watch the Nixon Kennedy TV debate in 1960, where Nixon wore a badly tailored suit. Hillary’s characteristic pantsuit is associated with being professional, but cheerfulness at the same time. It even has its own hashtag #pantsuitnation and… a fanclub, which, for example, Beyonce belongs to 😉 Mrs Clinton’s fans say that her looks are a symbol of a real modern girl power: they give her power, not depriving her of feminine charm at the same time. Plan what you wear in public – it doesn’t matter is you’re the CEO of a big bank or a primary school teacher. I hope that Hillary in her colorful pantsuits, which are really hard to tailor to her body type, will be able to reach for victory once again!



Hillary’s been in trouble many times – she was accused of financial frauds (the charges have been dropped), in 2015 it was revealed that she was using private e-mail accounts to store confidential information. The Lewinsky scandal and the rumors about her terrible health condition during the campaign… Yet she always faced the problems with her head up high (staying classy, at the same time – see #2). She was interrogated by FBI and revealed the details of her medical records to the public. After she’s lost the election, she resigned from speaking „live”. Hillary’s behavior is a great example that it’s essential to stay calm and come up with some tactics 😉 If you’re in trouble – regardless if it’s at work or in your private life – think twice, before you make the decision that you’ll later regret. You got a ticket, someone accused you of something you didn’t do, you’ve been robbed, someone stole your personal data? Don’t lose your temper, stay calm. Give yourself some time to think, and start acting only if you’ve thought everything through. Remember – panicking can only make it worse.



Despite ambiguous polls, many people were sure that Hillary will win the election. On November 8th it turned out that America isn’t ready for a woman in the role of the President. I believe that that the breakthrough will come and LGBT, women and immigrant rights will have more supporters than controversial opinions balancing on the border of good taste. Well, don’t give up. If just like Hillary, you know that what you’re doing is good, even in the case of a mishap, go on! Never get defeated – especially by those who can’t even compete against you with their class and experience. Remember the words of a Polish prose writer and satirist: „If the wise ones fail, it doesn’t mean that the fools will save the world” 😉