Everyone complains that it’s cold, dark, and gloomy… January seems to have no end, and there’s still February ahead of us. One can get depressed even from thinking about it. Dears, we’re not giving up 😉 Live is all about finding a bit of sun even where noone can see it, and being happy about little things. Have a look how nicely you can spend your time when it’s so cold and frosty around 😉


Psychologists claim that one of the best ways to get the stress of your shoulders is to do activities that we enjoyed doing while we were kids. Try to remember what it was like, what you used to like and what made you (to the great satisfaction of your parents) disappear for long hours. Puzzles, of course, cartoons, like THIS one and trying clothes on in front of a mirror will naturally be on the top of the list, but how about going outside for a while? Wear a warm scarf, a down jacket, get in a snowball fight with your friends, or go on a sleigh ride! Get a nice sled, so that you don’t have to steal one from your kids, and run to the nearest hill! Don’t be scared what others think. What’s more important, are the endorphins that are created by your body. Make sure to make an „angel“ in the snow when you’re done sliding 😉 If you don’t like sliding, go ice-skating. You don’t know how to ice-skate? Well… Learn how to do it! The year’s just begun, and you’ll already have gained some new abilities. Take a look at my 8 Things You Can do Differently in 2017 article, it’ll surely inspire you to start doing some new activities 😉


1. ICE SKATES Tempish Nice


Just picture it: it’s Saturday morning, you don’t have to go to work, don’t have any meetings in your agendas, you’ve done your shopping yesterday. There’s snow falling behind your win-dow, your flat is so warm and cozy. Pure Hygge 😉 Isn’t it the perfect occasion to watch some new TV series and movies? Have a great tea (read on), light some candles up, hide yourself under a blanket and escape to a parallel world for a couple of hours. Make sure you know which series I recommend, maybe you’d also like to see one of them? You’re not such a TV series fan? You totally have to see Florence Foster Jenkins – I’m so impressed by Meryl Streep, and if we’re talking about her, watch Julie and Julia as well. It’s an amazing and warm story about cooking and blogging 😉 It’s not such a new movie, but it’s like wine – the older the better. If you’re looking for some fashion inspirations, I totally recommend The Dressmaker and A Bigger Splash – two totally different movies (both totally interesting), which have one thing in common: amazing costumes.


There’s nothing else in the world that can be so easily associated with winter like tea. It can be with a drop of alcohol, even though I prefer spices over alcohol 😉 All you need to do is add a bit of honey, carnations and oranges to regular black tea. Mix everything, add some boiling water, and voila! Do you prefer raspberry juice? That’s my “secret” recipe: put 2 spoons of green tea into a mug, 1 spoon of dried raspberries, pour some hot water (around 80 degrees Celsius). After a few minutes sieve the mixture into another glass, and add some raspberry juice. You can also brew some matcha latte, using green powder tea. This drink, which is popular mainly between vegans combines the useful with the necessary. It’s tasty and healthy at the same time. You’ll find a detailed recipe here, and you can modify it changing soy milk for regular ones, or sweetener for regular sugar. Creativity is nice in every field of your life 😉 By the way, do you know what else you can use tea for? 😉 I wrote about it a while ago, take a look at THIS article.


2. MUG Dru | 3. MUG Mia home passion | 4. MUGS Art Mika Design


Dress warmly, but remember about girly items like faux fur funnel scarf, a headband, an accentuated waist. When you feel that your fingers are getting colder and colder, and your cheeks get violet (apply some oily cream before leaving the house), go inside the first café that you come across. You might find a totally new, cozy place that you’ll get back to 😉 Start your evening in a cinema. From what’s currently on the screens I recommend Perfect Strangers – amazing intrigue, totally absorbs you, even though it takes place in one room. I also recommend Split – keeps the tension, many occasions to hold on to your partner closely 😉 And The New Beginning – simply beautiful 😉 Jackie and Sztuka Kochania (The Art of Loving) are coming soon. The first movie tells the story of Jackie Kennedy (portrayed by the amazing Natalie Portman), the second one of Michalina Woslocka – a Polish scandalist, the author of controversial books about sex. In the times of communism in Poland, the Art Of Loving was more popular than the cult Thrylogy by Henryk Sienkiewicz, which, up to now, remains obligatory for all high school students to read.


5. GLOVES LAWINA | 6. COLLAR Milita Nikonorov | 7. HAT Esprit | 8. EARRINGS Cloe
9. LIPSTICK Sylveco


Up to recently, knitting has been reserved mainly for older ladies. Pictures of grandmas knit-ting have been popular even in books for children. Some time ago it turned out that knitting fits the “slow” ideology perfectly, which tells us to slow down, focus on what gives us pleasure and lets us relax. Young girls started learning how to use the crochet, how to knit, and so on. Winter is perfect for such activities! Get a few balls of colorful wool (I found amazing shades HERE), knitting needles, and… go for it! Start form a simple scarf, and who knows, maybe when it gets warmer you’ll manage to knit a sweater for the upcoming year? 😉 Have you al-ways dreamt of learning how to sew? Go for it! Invest in a book that’ll give you some ideas about the basic techniques, get a sewing machine (there’re a lot of bargains in Media Markt) and let your first haute couture live! 😀 Winter is not as bad as they picture it, is it? 🙂


10. SWEATER Roboty Ręczne | 11. KNITTING NEEDLES Czas Zamiotać
12. 13. 14. WOOL Czas Zamiotać 15. FUNNEL SCARF AND A HAT Goodie